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Use the Best Car Parking Glasgow Airport

Airport Parking

Glasgow Airport – also known as Glasgow International Airport – has nearly 9.9 million passengers with an expected 6% increase every year.

With Glasgow Airport being one of the busiest airports in the UK, there are many ways you can get to Glasgow Airport:

  • Train or Bus
  • Taxi
  • Friend or family drop off
  • Car Parking Glasgow Airport

Out of these four ways, public transport is the cheapest however the most inconvenient to get to Glasgow Airport. Traveling via public transport with your suitcases and or with children isn’t the easiest, also walking with luggage to and from train stations/bus stops and Glasgow Airport isn’t the best way to start and end a holiday. However, the most common complaint is about waiting around and delays. Using public transport means you will have to plan your journey with plenty of time to spare. You never know what can happen – your transport can turn up late due to delays, you can miss it by seconds as no one will wait around for you and you will need to be one of the first people on the train/bus so you can store your luggage in a safe and secure place. If everything does run smoothly, you will end up with lots of time on your hands, resulting in being at the airport too early and waiting for the check-in desk to open.

Airport TaxiAirport Train Transport

The easiest and best way to get to and from Glasgow Airport would be to drive your own car to the airport and use a car park, also called park and ride at Glasgow Airport. This is because all you need to account for when planning your journey is traffic time. You can leave when you want, be comfortable in your own space, and you don’t need to carry your luggage around everywhere, making the start of you holiday enjoyable and the return stress free (get home and into your bed ASAP).

Airport Car

On-Site vs Off-Site Glasgow Airport Parking

There are two different types of car parking Glasgow Airport, on-site and off-site.

On-site airport parking means parking at a car park owned by Glasgow Airport that is located within the airport’s perimeter.

Off-site airport parking is parking at a car park close to the airport but not owned by the airport. The difference between our off-site car parking Glasgow Airport and on-site parking is the price and level of security. Although our car parks are not within the airport’s perimeter, we do offer a free on-demand transfer bus to and from Glasgow Airport and the car park. Plus, our Glasgow Airport car parks are only located 2 and 6 minutes away from Glasgow Airport.

Car Parking Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport Car Park Security

You may think that on-site Glasgow Airport parking is more secure than an off-site car park, but in fact, this is not the case.

At Airport Park and Ride we offer two car parks (Direct Parking & Skyport) and they both have the same high levels of security, if not more.

We pride ourselves on the level of security our Glasgow car parks have, we have 24 hours a day CCTV which is manned and ANPR licence plate recognition to only let staff and customers into the car park.

The perimeter is surrounded by high palisade fencing and we have a one entrance location and one exit location system to further control who enters and exits. Here at Airport Park and Ride, we don’t only rely on technology to keep your car safe but we also have people on our Glasgow Airport parking site to patrol the car park.

Glasgow Airport Parking CCTVGlasgow Airport Parking ANPRGlasgow Airport Parking Camera

It is important to find the best and most secure parking when looking for cheap airport parking at Glasgow, check out our post about Top 10 tips when booking airport parking.

Park Mark

Not only do we have the security measures to keep your car safe, but we can also prove it. All of our car parking Glasgow Airport is Park Mark accredited. Park Mark is an individual car parking security body that can verify if a car park is safe to use or not. To become Park Mark accredited, a risk assessment is carried out at a Glasgow Airport parking site by the local police, who work alongside Park Mark to address and inform us about crime prevention security features and protocols. Park Mark and the police do their own safety assessments and also look at insurances and policies in place.

Airport Parking Park Mark

Car Parking Glasgow Airport Reviews

Our reviews are collected by Feefo who only let genuine customers write reviews about us. Anyone who would like to enter a review will have to give Feefo their order ID, ensuring no fake reviews from staff and competitors to mislead customers. We have chosen to use Feefo to show complete transparency to our customers or potential customers. We currently have a score of 4.7 out of 5 with over 5000 reviews, we have also won the prestige ‘Gold Trusted Service’ award.

There are countless companies who have their own Glasgow Airport car parks but we are willing to go the extra distance to show how good our service really is. Click here to see our Glasgow Airport parking reviews.

 Airport Parking Gold Award

Car Parking Glasgow Airport with us

Once you have booked via our site, all you have to do is turn up the right car park you have chosen – our ANPR license plate reader will let you through the barriers so there is no time messing around showing your paperwork to someone or entering a pin code.

Once through, find a parking spot and leave your car there, head to the reception to let them know you have arrived. Our staff there will welcome you and get one of our minibus drivers to take you and your luggage to Glasgow Airport. When you return from your holidays give our Glasgow Airport parking site a call and we will send our minibus to pick you up and take you to the car park. Once you have returned to the car park your car will be in the same spot you left it, so you can simply get in and get home.


Our Park and Ride Glasgow Airport

Airport Park and Ride has two different parking sites for Glasgow Airport. Not much is different, other than the price and distance to Glasgow Airport.

The cheaper one is Skyport, this is located 3.1 miles and 6 minutes away from Glasgow Airport.

Direct Parking is the closest one, only being 1.4 miles and 2 minutes away.

Both car parks have the same level of security, Park Mark accreditations and FREE transfers to and from the car park and Glasgow Airport.


Car Parking Glasgow Airport Opening & Closing Hours

We believe car parking Glasgow Airport should always be open 24 hours a day all year round, this is because flights in and out of Glasgow Airport don’t stop – so we don’t.


Contact Us

If you have any queries about Glasgow Airport parking, please check out our FAQs or contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.


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